Our Aim:
An academy (Greek Ἀκαδημία) is an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership.
Article 2 – The society was established in order to facilitate and improve academic family medicine practice, as well as supporting individuals and organizations who work towards this goal.
The Society’s continuous Working Subjects and Types:
1- Making research in order to amplify and improve its’ activities,
2- Organizing educational workshops, courses, seminars, conferences and panels,
3- Acquiring all kind of information, documentation and publications in the field of family medicine in order to improve and generalize the subject, establishing documentation center, publishing newspapers, magazines, books and publishing working and informative documents and distributing these to its’ members,
4- Establishing a healthy working environment, acquiring all kind of necessary technical equipment and stationery to achieve its’ goals,
5- Carrying out promotional campaigns and collecting donations locally and internationally in order to support its’ activities,
6- Establishing and managing commercial and industrial companies or organizations in order to obtain funding to achieve its’ goals,
7- Establishing and maintaining social facilities for the use of its’ members to socialize,
8- Organizing various social events such as (but not limited to) dinner evets, concerts, balls, theatre activities, exhibitions, sporting activities, travel and other entertainment activities or helping its’ members to benefit from such organizations,
9- Buying, renting, selling or claiming rights to any type of necessary real estate for its’ activities,
10- Establishing a foundation, federation or joining a federation or establishing facilities which a society is entitled to establish in order to achieve its’ goals,
11- Participating in international activities, becoming a member of international associations or establishments and carrying out joint projects with such organizations,
12- Accepting and giving donations from and to associations with the similar goals, labor unions, specialty associations,
13- Running joint projects with related public institutions and establishments in the same field if deemed necessary to achieve its’ goals,
14- Establishing charity chests for its’ members immediate needs for food, clothing and similar primary needs,
15- Establishing branches and representation offices wherever deemed necessary,
16- Establishing or joining platforms with other societies or foundations, unions or other non-governmental organizations within the purview of its’ goals and interests.
The Society’s Field of Activity
The society is active in the fields of science, culture and social activities.

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